High-temperature components for heat treatments

Precise temperature gradients and hold times under constant thermal conditions during heat treatment are the basic prerequisites for best results in demanding procedures. Only this will keep the technical properties of the respective material – e.g. alloys, semi-conductors or gemstones – fully under control.

SCHUPP® Ceramics offers a comprehensive portfolio for many types of heat treatment, at the same time meeting economic and highest quality claims.

Examples of application industries and process engineering:

  • Furnace manufacturer
  • Semi-conductor industry (Si and SiC)
  • Diffusion furnaces/CVD-systems
  • Forging furnaces
  • Steel sheets and steel factories
  • Pressing hardening
  • Surface hardening
  • Gems (sapphires and rubies)
  • Synthetic crystals
  • SiC-technology
  • Petrochemical furnace systems (ethylene/cracker)
  • Turbine technology (aviation industry)
  • Carbon technology
  • Elementary analysis
  • Laboratory gas technology (O2)
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