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Our videos provide an insight into production at SCHUPP® Ceramics and illustrate how simple and safe our solutions work in practical use.

Corporate video SCHUPP® Ceramics – simply high temperature technology!

Our corporate video shows you who we are and what we can do for you. In addition to products, manufacturing processes, application industries, the film shows our team. It gives an insight into our daily work and shows you our philosophy, culture and values ​​in dealing with customers, suppliers/production partners as well as business partners.



SCHUPP® Ceramics is a technical company for high-temperature technology up to 1800°C. As a family-owned SME we need to prove ourselves anew every day. This applies both to international competitors and in finding qualified employees.
The interviews with our colleagues from different departments show, how we meet these challenges and reply to what do we do, what makes us special, what does our daily work look like and what motivates us.


Intermetallic heating elements of molybdenum disilicide (MoSi2): MolyCom®

Electric heating elements in production and quality assurance: Industry standard, high high-purity demands or particular oxidation resistance – we provide high-temperature technology for any requirements you may have.


Customised electric heating systems: MolyTec

Electric heating panels, cylinders or half shells in production: MolyTec combines intermetallic heating elements of molybdenum disilicide (MoSi2) and insulation shapes of polycrystalline mullite/alumina wool (PCW) in heating systems ready for installation for application temperatures of up to 1550°C.


Process temperature control rings PTCR: “Tiny, but MIGHTY!”

The registration of the temperature alone is not an efficient method of quality assurance. The decisive factor is the absorbed heat input over a certain period of time, while the product was exposed to a temperature. Process temperature control rings PTCR are small and unremarkable, but they make a significant contribution to product quality. PTCR minimise your production rejects and control as well as optimise sintering and firing processes between 560°C up to 1750°C.


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