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The challenge of the dental industry: No discoloration of zirconia (ZrO2)

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Do you sinter zirconia (ZrO2) and would you like to ensure the visual impression of crowns, bridges etc. and avoid discoloration? Would you like to optimize the firing process? Then we have the right product for you.

Discolouration during the sintering of zirconia?

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Here is the solution: MolyCom®-Hyper heating elements. The high-purity molybdenum disilicide heating elements (MoSi2) enable a discolouration-free sintering of zirconia, even above 1600°C application temperature.

Your benefits with MolyCom®-Hyper:

  • HIGH PURITY – high-purity raw materials for high-purity demands
  • Discolouration-free sintering of zirconia
  • All accessory parts such as holders and connecting bands are also available.
  • Production of electric heating elements also possible according to your requirements

For further information regarding heating with MolyCom® - molybdenum disilicide heating elements (MoSi2) and how to avoid contamination, please refer to our technical article.

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We offer a comprehensive range of services, when it regards the replacement of electrical heating elements, insulation and the modernization of complete dental furnace sets.

Do you always want to measure precisely and optimize your firing process?

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For this purpose, we offer you our ceramic measuring rings (PTCR). With the help of the PTCR rings you can record and document the furnace conditions. 

The rings have to be placed at any location in the kiln where a determination of the thermal performance is desired.

After termination of the firing cycle, the ring diameter(s) has to be measured. Make sure that the rings are identifiable regarding their position in the kiln for mapping. Every ring has to be measured only once, the special PTCR Micrometer ensures an operator independent, reliable and accurate reading of the ring diameter. In order to assure the reliability the diameters have to be measured always at a fixed position e.g. at the middle numbers of the batch number or the two T’s impressed in the ring.

You can find useful tips and recommendations for the use of the process temperature control rings PTCR in our news blog. The point is to better understand PTCR, to use it correctly and to improve the quality of thermal processes.

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We also show you all this and much more in our product video.

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