PTCR-ZTH: From Blue into White

PTCR ZTH (560°C-660°C) is only available as pre-fired /debindered edition


As of late the youngest family member of the Process Temperature Control Rings PTCR ZTH (560°C-660°C) is only available as pre-fired /debindered edition. By optimizing the rings, we expect improved handling of the rings, as well as an expansion of the application spectrum.

Thanks to the pre-firing of the PTCR ZTH, the rings can be used without any additional pre-treatment under various furnace atmospheres such as air, oxygen, nitrogen, hydrogen, argon or vacuum.

Sustainable quality assurance is also ensured for Fast Firing Cycles due to the short reaction time of the ring. PTCR ZTH shows the heat input already after 5 minutes up to maximally 120 minutes holding time.

Since the organic components (binder, food coloring) are burned out during the pre-firing process, we unfortunately have to say goodbye to the unique blue color of the ring. Instead, the ZTH rings will appear in white in the future.

Your advantages with the ʺnew“ ZTH:
  • Higher mechanical stability
  • Immediate use in fast firing processes without previous pre-firing
  • short reaction time (from 5 to maximally 120 minutes hold time)
  • Recording of the heat input in the new temperature range from 560°C to 660°C
  • 100% synthetic raw materials
  • Sustainable quality assurance (ISO 9001: 2015)

Download Manual PTCR


Are you interested in the new ZTH? Just write an e-mail to or simply call +49 (0) 241-93677-56.


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