New product video: Process Temperature Control Rings PTCR – “TINY, BUT MIGHTY!”

Control and optimise firing and sintering processes with Process Temperature Control Rings PTCR.

Today ceramics is a versatile material – from traditional products such as roof, wall or floor tiles, through high-quality sanitary ware up to specialised technical ceramics with unique properties for various applications. All these products are subject to highest quality standards. Their manufacturing process is complex and takes place at highest temperatures. Control and documentation of the firing and sintering processes are the key to ensure their durable quality.

The registration of the temperature alone is not an efficient method of quality assurance. The decisive factor is the absorbed heat input over a certain period of time, while the product was exposed to a temperature. Process Temperature Control Rings PTCR are small and unremarkable, but they make a significant contribution to product quality. PTCR minimise your production rejects and control as well as optimise sintering and firing processes between 560°C up to 1750°C.

All this and much more is shown in our new product video. You'll learn about, what the rings are developed for, how PTCR are produced, how they work, how they are used and how PTCR benefit you and your business.

Enjoy watching it!

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