Complement of the management from 3rd May 2019.

Dear Business Partners,

A complement of the management of the company M.E. SCHUPP Industriekeramik GmbH occurs from 3rd May 2019. The shareholder and managing director, Mr. Michael E. Schupp, has decided to appoint Mr. Manfred Herweg as the second managing director.

The managing directors: Michael E. Schupp and Manfred Herweg.

Mr. Manfred Herweg, as a graduate engineer focussing on “glass and ceramics”, has more than 24 years of work experience in the operating business and the technical areas, engineering, production management and sales worldwide. Mr. Herweg has been working for SCHUPP® company for 13 years. The second managing director is strongly technically and sales oriented and will continue to successfully position the company SCHUPP® in the high-temperature technology for the customer and their decision-makers as well as all business partners. Strengthening the sales is a necessary step to successfully and sustainably implement our strategies and targets for you and for us.

As the second managing director, Mr. Herweg wants to support the established and successful SCHUPP® company. Moreover, the close cooperation with our customers, suppliers and production partners will continue to be intensively maintained.

The authorized officers (ppa.) of the company SCHUPP® remain unchanged:

  • Mr. Andrei Loscutov, Commercial Manager, since 18 years at SCHUPP®
  • Ms. Dr. Katarzyna Falenty, Innovation & Technology Manager, since 4.5 years at SCHUPP®
  • Mr. Carsten Sommer, Finance Manager, since 3 years at SCHUPP®
The authorized officers (ppa.) of the company SCHUPP.

The authorized representatives (i.V.) of the company SCHUPP® remain unchanged:

  • Mr. Vasileios Pourdas, Warehouse & Logistics Manager, since 16 years at SCHUPP®
  • Mr. Frederik Arning, Quality Manager, since 2 years at SCHUPP®
The authorized representatives (i.V.) of the company SCHUPP.

Mr. Michael E. Schupp continues to support the crew strategically as a founder, entrepreneur and owner, ensuring the material and ideational strength of SCHUPP® in the international market of high-temperature technology.

You can rely on our continuity in our fundamental values, leading product quality, innovative strength, fast delivery and fair pricing in the future for your success. Then we are successful with it. Our planning is determined until 2025 (End of the 4th company phase) and long term until 2035.

We thank you very much for your previous trust and we are looking forward to continuing a reliable and stable partnership.

Best regards from Aachen

Your Team from SCHUPP® Ceramics

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