Manfred Herweg controls the electrical heating elements in an industrial furnace.

Measuring and controlling the firing process precisely at all times: Process temperature control rings PTCR

Precise. Reliable. Small. The process temperature control rings PTCR by SCHUPP® Ceramics are ceramic measuring tools that permit measurement of heat inputs up to 1750°C during the firing cycle. Essential applications are:

  • Process control and optimisation
  • Troubleshooting and fault analysis
  • Performance increase
  • Increase of product quality
  • Quality assurance with little effort

Use our PTCR WEB APP for quick recording and simple analysis of your measuring results or use our digital micrometer for measuring the PTCR.


Ceramic measuring rings for documentation of sintering, firing and heat treatment processes.

Process temperature control rings PTCR decisively contribute to control and thus quality of thermal processes. With their special ceramic material properties, they determine the heat input more precisely than conventional measuring methods, and thus permit precise furnace settings.

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PTCR micrometer

Determine the shrinkage of the PTCR precisely with a digital micrometer.

A precise holder for the process temperature control rings PTCR decisively simplifies the measuring process. The micrometer makes determination of shrinkage particularly simple and precise while ensuring a process without fluctuations even better.

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Reduce your effort with the PTCR WEB APP and avoid error sources in documentation of firing processes.

The web-based application bundles documentation and evaluation of thermal processes that are recorded with PTCR. This way, the PTCR WEB APP by SCHUPP® Ceramics permits even more efficient securing of highest quality standards.

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