18.04.2016, 16:27

SCHUPP® Ceramics invites you to Ceramics Expo.


The Ceramics Expo will start in about 1 week time (26th to 28th of April) in Cleveland, Ohio. This exhibition is a perfect opportunity to find the needed products and services within the ceramic manufacturing supply chain and to meet the emerging technologies.

Our stand is 1114.

Please, contact us directly to arrange a meeting in advance. We are looking forward to your questions and interesting discussions. We are looking forward to your visit.

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15.03.2016, 10:46

Efficient thermal insulation up to 1800 °C.

Aachen, 15th of March 2016 – Low shrinkage, long lifetime and high dimensional stability are important criteria by choosing the right insulation material. SCHUPP® Ceramics offers a wide range of high temperature insulation boards made of polycrystalline alumina wool (PCW) up to 1800 °C application temperature.

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Your specialist for high temperature components for industrial and laboratory furnaces and kilns!

We offer high temperature components for laboratory- & industrial kiln and furnace Systems from 660°C to 1,850°C and PTCR rings: 660°C up to 1,750°C.

Electric Heating

Perfect electric heating with components from M.E.SCHUPP®


Electric heating elements up to 1,800°C

The M.E.SCHUPP® MolyCom®-Ultra electric heating elements are composed of the intermetallic compound MoSiand ceramic additives.They are optimal for high-temperature applications up to 1,800°C.


Electric heating elements up to 1,800°C

The M.E.SCHUPP® MolyCom®-Hyper electric heating elements are composed of the high-purity intermetallic compound MoSi2 and ceramic additives. They are optimal for high-temperature applications up to 1,800°C.

MolyTec 1650

Electric heating panels and cylinders up to 1,650°C

MolyTec are heating panels and cylinders for electric heating systems up to 1,650°C. These components from M.E.SCHUPP® are a combination of MolyCom® (MoSi2) and UltraBoard or UltraVac (PCW). MolyTec makes controlled and precise heating possible.

Thermal Insulation

Optimal thermal insulation with our products

UltraBoard & UltraVac

Insulation boards, shapes and cylinders for temperatures from 1,250°C to 1,850°C

UltraBoard und UltraVac are made of polycrystalline (PCW) mullite/Al2O3 wool for applications temperatures from 1,250°C to 1,850°C. These products are rigid high-temperature fibrous insulating materials. They have high bending strength at high temperatures, are extremely light and resistant to thermal shock. They are suitable for insulation in rapidly heating and cooling conditions such as high-temperature electric furnaces.

ITM-Fibermax® 1600

Wool and needled blankets for temperatures up to 1,600°C

ITM-Fibermax® 1,600 is an optimal product for thermal insulation of electric-heated laboratory and industrial furnaces up to 1,600°C. This product is available as wool and needled blanket of high quality polycrystalline (PCW) mullite/AI2O3 wool.

Firing Process Control

Always monitor the firing process accurately


The ceramic PTCR rings measure and accurately reflect total heat input.

Thanks to advanced technology and the use of high-quality materials, the PTCR can record the actual firing process at the location where it is positioned in the furnace. The measurement result tolerance is ± 3°C or less. Use of the PTCR enables determination of temperature distribution, both in a furnace and between different cycles, thereby guaranteeing a sustainable and assured quality standard.

Ceramic Bonding

Ceramic bonding at temperatures up to 1,750°C


Ceramic adhesives for application temperatures up to 1,750°C

FiberPlast is M.E.SCHUPP®’s versatile ceramic adhesive for applications temperatures from 1,000°C to 1,750°C. You can bond, coat and seal mineral, ceramic and metallic components with FiberPlast.

Kiln Furniture

Lightweight ceramic firing and sintering setters for application temperatures from 1,250°C to 1,600°C


UltraSetter for optimal use in metal die-casting

Our lightweight ceramic firing and sintering setters for application temperatures from 1,250°C to 1,500°C are suitable for use in metal die-casting and electric-heated furnaces as support for sintering metal powder parts and multilayered ceramic capacitors. They are ideal for automated firing processes and are as light as they are easy to handle.


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